Sisal Yarn for Carpet

Sisal has been the leading biodegradable fibre for agricultural twine (binder twine and baler twine), ropes and yarns. The medium-grade fibre is used in the cordage industry for making ropes, baler and binder twine. Ropes and twines are widely employed for marine, agricultural, and general industrial use.

Rope Thimble

Thimbles are used to protect the eyes of cable, and rope slings from abrasion by providing a solid steel barrier between the fragile cable strands and the other rigging fitting used in the connection. Thimbles also prevent eye deformation or kinking by giving structure to the cable eye.

Sisal Baler Twine

Sisal Baler Twine is made from natural plant fibers that are 100% biodegradable. Key Features and Benefits: Premium quality, natural fiber twine. Mildew resistant and odorless. Uniform thickness with consistent tensile and knot strength.

Pilot & Safety Rope Ladder

The pilot ladder is a special type of rope ladder used on board ships for embarkation and disembarkation of maritime pilots. During pilot transfer using a ladder, a person’s life is directly at stake and chances of accidents are extremely high.

Jute Fibre

Retting softens the stalks and makes it possible to separate the fibrous material from the unusable material by hand. After the jute stalk has been retted, it is possible to separate the long, silky fibers and comb them into long strings. These combed fibers can then be spun into yarn.

Oakum Hemp

Traditional Oakum Caulking is made from twisted jute fibre and is used for caulking, sealing, and packing different types of joints, and voids in the traditional building, log home, marine, equestrian, plumbing, and modern construction industries. Before modern chemical sealants, oakum was the original caulking.

Hemp Yarn

Hemp yarns are made from the best fiber available from the outer layer of hemp stalks. That is a process to naturally break down the harder woody core of the stalks known as hurds so that the outer bast fibers soften. Hemp works up into a durable fabric with wonderful drape. The yarn will soften …

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Endless Manila Rope Sling

The imported Viking Polyester Round Sling consists of multiple polyester fibers encased in a double thick woven tube of polyester web. A sling is a structure used for heavy lifting, which attaches the object being lifted to the equipment performing the lifting.

Cat Scratch Rope

Sisal rope is a natural fibre 3 strand rope and is the traditional choice for cat scratching posts. Our sisal is ideal for replacing worn rope on a wide variety of cat activity toys. Sisal is made from plant fibres and is untreated, making it a safe choice for your pet.

Cylindrical Fender

The Cylindrical Fender was the first rubber fender type to be produced with a defined performance. Installation is simple by using chains, bars, ropes or specially designed ladder brackets, depending on the fender size and substructure. Cylindrical Fenders are available extruded and wrapped, depending on the size.

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